Par 5

Handicap Men: 7 Women: 5

Black tees 508 yards
White tees 489 yards
Green tees 489 yards
Blue tees 454 yards
Red tees 454 yards

Hole # 8 - Gary Nelson - Founding Member
The 8th hole is a par 5 that plays from 454 to 508 yards. Although the fairway is fairly open, beware of Lake Kohlmeier running down the entire right side of the hole. A couple of fairway bunkers and a big Hackberry tree guard over the right side of the fairway and will knock down your second shot. The left side of the hole is also tree lined so keep your shot down the center, this will give you the best chance to get home in two. Most players try to setup their third shots to a green that is narrow front to back. Once on the green it is pretty straight forward with very little break, this hole is a great chance for a par or better.