Par 4

Handicap Men: 8 Women: 12

Black tees 386 yards
White tees 373 yards
Green tees 274 yards
Blue tees 274 yards
Red tees 274 yards

Hole # 15 - Mark Rodde - Founding Member
The 15th hole at OCC is another one of it's strong par 4's. This sharp dog leg right with a fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway and large trees and the Straight River on the right, provide for a variety of options off the tee. A straight tee shot near the fairway bunker will leave a second shot of about 170 yards; a well executed fade will leave the player with a second shot in the 140 yard range and those who can hit their drive over the trees on the right will leave a second shot of approximately 100 yards - all shots will be hit to a significantly elevated green and often all you can see from the fairway is the top of the flag stick. A shot missed to the right of the green will leave a difficult chip and a shot long of the green will find deep rough. Finding the middle of this green with your second shot is always a good play.