Par 3

Handicap Men: 17 Women: 17

Black tees 162 yards
White tees 144 yards
Green tees 125 yards
Blue tees 125 yards
Red tees 110 yards

Hole #7 - Tom Shea - Founding Member
Some suggest hole 7 is the easiest of the OCC's par 3's, but don't be deceived by the peaceful appearance of this 144-yard gem. (162 Black - 125 Green/Blue - 110 Red) The Straight River angles away from you and will swallow a shot hit short or left. A strategically positioned bunker guards the right side. The front third of the green subtlety slopes to the river, while back third gently slants away. A good birdie opportunity requires a well-placed shot and precise club selection. Although the Straight River at #7 has consumed thousands of the Shea's golf balls over 72 years of play, both Joe (1971) and Stephanie Shea (2009) have recorded hole-in-one's and one "Covid Ace" by Tom in 2020.