Par 4

Handicap Men: 2 Women: 4

Black tees 432 yards
White tees 432 yards
Green tees 371 yards
Blue tees 371 yards
Red tees 330 yards

Hole # 14 - Jon Hanson - Founding Member
This dogleg left is half new hole, half old hole, and entirely one of the toughest holes on the course. The long par 4 challenges both the drive and the approach. While the fairway is wide, if you do not flirt a little with the pond and the trees on the left side, you may end up needing something with a headcover for a long and difficult approach shot. A tee shot just to the right of the 150 yard marker is ideal. The green is well-protected - guarded by a pond short and right, a river just over the back, and a hazard running up the left side. Reaching the green in regulation remains as difficult as it used to be on the old hole with the "Eisenhower Tree" blocking the middle of the fairway.