Par 3

Handicap Men: 13 Women: 15

Black tees 191 yards
White tees 162 yards
Green tees 152 yards
Blue tees 137 yards
Red tees 137 yards

Hole # 9 - Bill Hankerson - Founding Member
You finish the front nine at OCC with a par 3. While the hole appears to be quite straightforward, give this tee shot your full attention. There is a marsh to carry, trees on the right to contend with and grass bunkers just left of the green to avoid. Getting the correct yardage to the pin is essential and you need to make every effort to place your tee shot underneath the hole. The green slopes significantly from back to front and a tee shot that ends up above the hole will be very difficult to stop, making a 3 putt a real possibility. Avoiding the grass bunkers is also key as more bogeys than pars are made from this position. When we add in the wind this hole isn't as straightforward as we initially thought. Be happy with a par and move on to the back nine!