Par 4

Handicap Men: 12 Women: 10

Black tees 315 yards
White tees 315 yards
Green tees 302 yards
Blue tees 302 yards
Red tees 271 yards

Hole # 17 - Martha Kearin - Founding Member
The shortest par 4 on the course - but certainly not the easiest. There are water hazards on the right and left all the way down and behind the hole. The smart play is to leave the driver in your bag and hit safely to the middle of the fairway inside the 150's where you will have a short shot into the green. For the long ball hitters, going for the green can bring the reward of a chance for eagle. It goes with the risk of landing in the hazard - but take the stroke penalty and you can still get up and down for par. The approach area directly in front of the green is level and the ball can roll onto the narrow two-tier green. The right side of the green drops off quickly into a sand trap on the front side or the water. The left side is safer - but go too far left and you'll be in the hazard near the river.