Par 5

Handicap Men: 6 Women: 8

Black tees 515 yards
White tees 499 yards
Green tees 463 yards
Blue tees 394 yards
Red tees 394 yards

Hole # 12 - Tim O'Connor - Founding Member
The 12th hole is another risk/reward par 5 at the OCC. With various tee box choices ranging from 394 yards to 515 yards, this challenging hole provides playability to all, however, trouble looms ahead. Trees line the entire left side of the hole while a water hazard awaits you the full length of the right-hand side leaving minimal options. If you are fortunate to find the fairway off the tee box, your assessments have only just begun. Longer hitters can go for the green, however, if you are off just a little, trees or water eagerly await your wayward shot. If laying up is your decision, this is no bargain either. The fairway starts to narrow approximately 200 yards out, so an errant shot slightly to the right, will kick into the hazard. Playing it safe up the left side, may leave you blocked out by the trees. The green is one of the more difficult greens to read. Birdies and eagles are there for the taking however, bogies and double bogies are common if you are not careful.